Some Changes

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog and how I want to continue with it.

Recently, I took an e-course about blogging that really helped me narrow down what exactly I want my mission for Written Roots to be and how I want to go about fulfilling that mission. A Beautiful Mess is a lifestyle blog, rather than one focused on politics or pop culture, but despite the differences, the course helped me create a vision for the blog, which is what I felt was lacking.


Here is the new mission:

Written Roots is a social justice blog that focuses on shaping a conscientious, action-oriented and creative life. My goal is to offer critical analysis about our culture & society and spread awareness through essays, book/movie reviews and meaningful links.

I believe that social change is possible through community organizing, deliberate conversation and self-care. My hope is that this will be a place to be critical, but also a place to recharge and escape burnout. I am re-energized and inspired by art, creative writing, music and nature–I love celebrating others’ creative projects and sharing the wisdom of the numerous brilliant writers I come across.

Look for personal essays, pop culture critiques, everyday inspiration, tips on self-care and more!

I started this blog because I wanted a place to write and go in depth about the issues that I care about. I am an information sponge and I read a LOT every week about really depressing and bleak things. After I started this blog, I found that after I spent all that time reading about young girls being raped or undocumented workers being deported or animals being abused, I really didn’t have the energy to write about them myself.

I decided that I need to balance out critiques and sad news with focusing equally on positive things: like youth organizing, community art projects and ways to take care of ourselves. This is really an experiment. I am a creature of the critical, not someone who leans towards “positive thinking.” But I’m hoping this will help sustain me and maybe even help others keep going too.

You can look forward to more frequent posts too, with some weekly features, including a “Link Roundup” of all the important, interesting and inspiring things I’ve come across every week.

Thanks for reading and joining me on this journey!

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4 thoughts on “Some Changes

  1. You have a great blog! I work with domestic violence survivors, and yeah, those of us in these kinds of fields really need to balance sad stuff with positive stuff. I look forward to seeing your theme develop here.

  2. I enjoy reading your blog, Cori. I appreciate your wanting to incorporate the positive in your thinking, actions and blogging. I had a similar feeling years ago when I became a doula. I was disgusted with the medical interventions women giving birth in hospitals so often endured. So I took positive action in helping women have the birth experience they wanted. Did it change anything? Yes, for the women and their partners it did. And many years before that, I empowered myself as a birthing mother by having two babies at home.

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